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Our list of services

Below are the list of different services offered as main and add-ons

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We offer tailored ERP solutions and other add-on services all based on open sources robust software, below is our list of services you can choose to match your business, don’t forget that all services are offered on a SaaS (software as a service) method aiming to minimize your investment to run state of the art IT platform with a fraction of the actual price.

With SaaS method you don’t pay for the hosting as you just pay for the used software.

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Our list of Service

Think beyond expectation.

ERP for Automotive repair and sales

We understand that automotive indusry has very detailed requirements and needs speciality when it comes to managing the business, this tailored ERP solution is designed to run out of the box

managment of your system

Our team is ready to manage any of the system we provide. while we go through a detailed process of leaning from you in the nature of your business and we specify a set of KPI's to run the management with direct supervision from your side.

Data Migration

Out data migration services is tailored for the solutions we office, therefore you can use this service as add on with you choose any other services. we make sure your data is safe and migrated accurately

Online presence

We offer website services, but this services does not include the graphic design, as we are limited to the website as a service to manage your online presence with interactive editable and easy to manage.

Business Email Service

this is a fully integrated email solution with all SBS other services and can run within any ERP selected, it includes a calendar, and address book, and you can use any email client through IMAP to check your email

Extra training

We offer free training with every service you subscribe to, but in case of any need for advanced training we can make a dedicated training tailored to your need, but limited to SBS services as per this list

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