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Source Business Solutions is an innovating hub aiming to enable and utilize the latest technology and AI to be reachable to SME’s in affordable, easy-to-use, and seamless plug and play.
With SBS you can make your company run like a big 5 corporate with fraction of cost

ERP Solutions

You dont need to buy the software, rent the exact match of your business ERP on SaaS (software as a service) and pay fraction of cost

Online shop

Use the latest technology to run your online shop fully integrated with your ERP platform

Business email

Use a business email with calender and task management easy to setup and fully integrated with your ERP system

Extra services

We develop your tailored needs. like fleet management or Document management or any other service, your business requires

Our Service

How we serve you

Subscribe to SBS service

Select the services from the services list, fill in the form with your information, click on submit when you finish

Select the services

After you submit your information, you will receive a confirmation email; You log in and select add-on services

Review and approve

Review and approve the services and add your payment and contact information and move to the next page

Validation and payment

The system will update you within 24 hours after reviewing your request and approving and will send you a payment link


As a subscriber you will be able to access three level of training for free, Q&A sheet, how to document, and link to training video

Extra training

Incase of a need to get more training your can select a dedicated training one to one through video conference with a training expert, the services is paid per hour.

Support services

SBS offers full customer support through the ticketing system on this link, in addition to email by sending your request to

Service Cancellation

As per the terms and conditions, you can cancel a month before the date of the contract end. simply submit a cancel request by using the ticketing system here

Digitize your business today

Select your business type and subscribe to a tailored ERP matching your business needs

Wholesale distribution
Cleaning and Maintenance
Automotive repair shop

Not sure which service is right for you? We can help.

Why Choose Us

The perfect Digital business management.

We understand your business, and your need to make your IT bill as low and cost-effective as possible

  • 99.9% Uptime Server

    Our services are offered around the clock with proper and robust admins taking care of your service availability

  • Guarantee Service

    We select robust solutions and we hire services development experts to tailor to your needs aiming to guarantee a seamless day-to-day work

  • 24/7 Support

    Our customer management system and team are always available to your inquiries. we have a ticketing system and we accept emails

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Frequently Asked Questions.

A long list of Q & A are available for your reference, we are showing in this page the most asked questions

Yes, we operate with very safe and proper back up with disaster recovery planning that allow us not only to keep your data safe, but also available for you anytime 24/7, and we take security and business continuity as our most important issue 

When SBS creates an instance for your company, you will receive admin access to your system. no one expects you can control who can access your data. we take confidentiality serious in our business and we understand how important to you to maintain this, we also guarantee that you are the solo owner of your data. we don't own the data or allow anyone to access it. as we don't have permissions unless your admin allow us to

Sure, we include in our data migration services, which you can do yourself. but if needed we can do it for you, you can continue running the business as usual without any interruption, whatever your legacy system could be. 

Yes, SBS offers training to your team to empower the capacity of each user to use and system with all its functions, we have an add-on service in addition to the free training as advanced training in case needed from your side.